Amy Beatrice ATKINSON

Born on 9 July 1859 in Fakenham, Norfolk (GRO), and died at Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, she is shown as an prolific exhibitor between the years of 1884 and her death in 1916. Her addresses in this period include the following: Fakenham Rectory, Norfolk (1884), York (1889), Frensham, Surrey (1894) and London (1897). [J&G]  It is clear that for some period between York and Surrey that Atkinson spent time in Cornwall.

In the 1890 Exhibition at Dowdeswells [reprinted in Hardie 2009] in New Bond Street, the artist exhibited alongside all those described as 'from St Ives, Newlyn and Falmouth residing in or painting in Cornwall'. Her exhibition title was In the Firelight.

A recent correspondent has written with the following information:  

'I'm interested in finding out more about Amy Atkinson. so far I found almost 
nothing! I discovered the book 'In The Abruzzi' several years back. It 
contains 12 watercolours by her , see...
I've also got another book she did the illustrations for (Touraine, again 
with Anne Macdonell) and one watercolour. But any information on the pair of 
them is hard to come by!'

Hence, if any reader has further information about Amy Atkinson or Anne Macdonell, we would be grateful to receive it.


Painter of genre, landscape and figures

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Dowdeswells (1) 1890 (Hardie Artists in  Newlyn and West Cornwall has reprint)

RA (6); Royal Society of Portrait Painters (1)

Ridley Art Club (57)

Dudley 1910

B (2); BG (3); DOW (1); GI (4); L (7); LS (3); M(1); NEA (4); NG (2); RBA (8); RHA (2); ROI (12)

International Society (11); 

Society of Women Artists (12)



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