Fellow students Doris HUME-SPRY and Claude Francis BARRY met at art school in Bournemouth and they married, against parental wishes (on his part), in 1908. Doris, a descendant of the Dukes of Rutland (though one without fortune) had been born in Bengal in 1884 (IGI), the daughter of Charles Hume-Spry. She was both a competent painter and an excellent art-needleworker.

The couple had three children, two daughters and one son. Mrs Barry served on the Ladies Committee at STIAC in 1911, and began to show her needlework pictures In December of 1913. The couple also exhibited at Show Days, sharing a studio for the purposes of exhibition until 1921. From that point, we lose sight of Doris Barry, at least in that name.  Her husband left St Ives in 1922 (though he was to return later in the 1940s)  to pursue his etching career in France and Italy.  Their marriage was dissolved in 1927.