US Hudson River School painter (born in the USA), George Inness was one of the most prominent figures in 19th Century US art and best-known today for his poetic, highly expressive approach to landscape painting. After making trips to Italy (1851-1852) and France (1853-1854), however, he became deeply influenced by the serene, broadly-painted landscapes of Rousseau, Troyen, Daubigny and other members of the French Barbizon School.

Inness produced his most original and visionary work during the last decade of his life when he painted Off the Coast of Cornwall, England (1887, oil on canvas). In the American Art Annual of 1900-1901, this painting is entitled Off Penzance, Cornwall, England (20x30).  In paintings such as Sunrise, he explored mood and feeling through color, diffused light and a limited number of softly defined forms. He travelled to Europe again in 1894, visiting Paris, Munich, and Baden. He died in Bridge-of-Allan in Scotland that same year.