Ginnie Bamford has been a long time potter working from the Sloop Craft Market in St Ives, producing beautiful, simple tableware, hand turned and decorated in quiet, floral designs.  Though working and exhibiting from her Pottery workshop until retirement in 2004, her commissioned work has meant travelling around Cornwall for exhibition and display in museums and galleries. Her table settings have been used for museum purposes such as the dining room at Pendennis Castle, and in National Trust Properties. Simone Slater took over her workshop in 2005, selling a variety of ceramics and some jewellery.

In Truro in the 1980s and '90s she was part of the exhibition and sales group of the Guild of Ten craft workers. She married in the late '80s and is now known as Ginnie Harrison. At that point her pottery mark changed. (Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics)




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