Painter of landscapes, portraits, flowers and figurative subjects, Gluck was born into the wealthy Lyons family in London, and visited and worked in Lamorna from 1916 until her death.  Gluck brought her friends with her from London, and made a few close friends in West Cornwall, though her distinctive mannish character curtailed this to large extent. She was especially keen on Ella Louise NAPER who simply accepted her for what she was: a bohemian who affected male clothing and had love affairs with women as well as being a good artist.

Gluck worked closely with Samuel John Lamorna BIRCH for a time, and lived at Letter Studio and then at Dolphin Cottage, as well as in London.  She was mainly active in Cornwall between 1915-37, and an occasional visitor until 1975. Now she is best known for her portraiture, and for the commercial campaign she fought to ensure consistent quality control in artists' oil colours.