Adamson's exhibition record at Newlyn began as early as 1903, exhibiting Perran after Storm, and took up again with the first opening exhibition after WWI, in the summer of 1921 when she exhibited Moorland Sketch. In the first exhibition to include crafts at NAG (December 1924) she presented a group of Illuminations.

Serving on the NSA Committee, she also exhibited in 1926 and the spring of 1927 (unspecified hung artwork). In 1928 at the Summer Craft show, she like Mary OLDHAM exhibited bookplates and woodcuts, as well as paintings Landewednack and The Shaft on the Cliffs, before being listed as an Artist Subscriber to the Gallery from 1933-37.

In the minutes of the Annual Meeting of the NSA in the spring of 1936, Miss Adamson addressed the Management Committee with a request to provide greater wall space for craftworkers. However, this idea was discussed and unanimously rejected, despite the previous suggestion, at the same meeting, that the Crafts Committee (Ella Louise NAPER, Miss Churchill-Tayler [Assis. Curator] and Reginald Thomas DICK being that group) should endeavour to obtain new craftworkers to present new crafts for exhibition. 'This was not a concern for the painters.'