Rosemary (aka Romi) was born in Wiltshire, but came to Cornwall in 1959 and has remained ever since. A multi-talented and thoroughly creative person, she is as much a musician (violinist) as a visual artist, the latter having been taken up after marriage to her husband Michael, who has since died. As a painter, she is largely self-taught, and greatly responsive to people and objects such as musical instruments and flowers, which pop into her images.

She has been a member of the Newlyn Society of Artists (NSA) since the late 1960s, though resigning in disgust a couple of times. With the NSA she has exhibited often in mixed shows. Her work has also been shown at the Rainyday Gallery, Penzance.

Romi is both a speedy and a spontaneous artist, as described by Frank RUHRMUND in his review of her latest exhibition of colourful and exuberant drawings and paintings. She is quick to tell you that she would like to paint your portrait - and it will only take 5 minutes. Her instincts and opinions are positive and naturally 'sunny' in approach. Her friends are many in the artistic community and include Jeremy LE GRICE, Lyn LE GRICE, Rose HILTON, the late Jane AKEROYD, Daphne McCLURE and many others.