The artist is also thought to have signed himself under the names of William A Thornbery, Thornberry, W A Thornbury, Hubert William Thornley and Thornery also using Georges William (Benezit). The family name was Thornbery (Brook-Hart), and he most commonly used Charles Thornely and William Thornley (unless perchance these are different artists) for exhibition signing.

Lest this artist entry simply becomes a study of names, it should be noted that dictionaries vary in their treatment of the artist's paintings. The purpose of listing William Thornley (1857-1935) is to notice his painting, Mounts Bay, Cornwall (c1880) and also Shipping Off the Coast (nd). He exhibited works at the Paris Salon and the Salon of French Artists, receiving an honorable mention in 1881 and a third place medal in 1888. He painted a number of landscapes of Holland, Norway, Belgium and Italy, but is best remembered for his seascapes.