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Mentioned in Whybrow's 1883-1900 list of artists in and around St Ives.



Ben Taffinder was born in Cirencester but moved to Cornwall's Roseland peninsula in 1995. He studied Fine Art at Falmouth College, then went on to create installations for outdoor sculpture events in Europe and Asia. He also worked locally as a diver and fisherman for his family business near Portscatho.

Ben took up painting full-time in 2010. His work can be seen at the Harbour Gallery in Portscatho.

Algernon TALMAGE


 Born in Fifield, Oxfordshire, the son of a clergyman of Cornish stock, Talmage studied at the Herkomer School, Bushey at the same time as Lucy Elizabeth KEMP-WELCH. He came first to Cornwall with his friend, Greville MORRIS, also a St Ives student, and in meeting Arnesby BROWN decided to stay (The Artist, Oct 1932 quote). Within Cornwall he lived variously at St Ives, Redruth and Tintagel.

At the 1895 Opening of NAG, he exhibited Moonrise in January which was reviewed as 'one of the finest landscapes in the Show'. Helped to run the painting school at St Ives with Julius OLSSON. Later he began and ran his own school with the help of his wife Gertrude ROWE, also an artist, with OLSSON acting as 'Visitor' artist.

Talmage excelled in demonstrating the art of oil colour impressions drawn loosely with the brush. His relaxed teaching manner with the emphasis on outdoor sketching - combined with once a year trips to Picardy - made him extremely popular among students.

Charles MARRIOTT echoes this reputation in the Cornish Review (1950): 'One of the most talented and certainly the most popular of the St Ives' painters was Algernon Talmage, a most attractive personality; modest, slightly reserved but always ready to do a kind action for a friend. His right hand had been injured in a gun accident -- he was rather sensitive about this-- and he painted with his left, as did, incidentally, Stanhope FORBES.'

He left St Ives in about 1907 (address at London Arts Club from 1910), having parted from Gertrude, on the strength of some successes with his work in London. In 1918 he was appointed official war artist in France for the Canadian Government. Up until the 1920s he returned frequently to Cornwall, continuing an interest in STISA from afar. He contributed paintings to a St Ives show in Cheltenham and then accepted Hon membership in 1928. With him in London was Hilda FEARON until her early death.

Gertrude Charlotte Annie TALMAGE


Born in Redruth, Cornwall, the artist daughter of Sampson T and Fanny Rowe, and the older sister of Louisa C G ROWE, Gertrude exhibited two paintings at the RBA in 1895-6 in the family name. She married the artist Algernon Mayow TALMAGE in 1896, with whom she helped run his school of painting. In 1901 the couple, with their two children, were living with Gertrude's parents in St Ives. They parted after Talmage left for London in 1907.

In 1914 and 1917 she exhibited at the RA. As Annie C G Talmage, she died in Falmouth in 1941, aged 74.

2014: Researcher Christopher Garrett is currently endeavouring to ascertain further information regarding the children of Algernon Talmage and Gertrude Rowe.



Born on 10 October 1857 in Bristol (GRO), Arthur attended a Quaker School at Weston Super Mare, where he became friends with, amongst others, Henry Scott TUKE (aka 'Harry'). By the time he was in London with the idea of a business career, Tuke was also in London, entering the Slade to begin formal art training. They travelled abroad together with other friends, notably the Gotches, and Tanner decided also to become an artist.

A bachelor, reputedly with a private income, he was one of the first artists to settle in West Cornwall, where he lived at Cappy cottage, Lamorna, and abroad when funds were low. In the summer of 1887 he is described by Lomax as the protégé of Thomas Cooper GOTCH, camping out with him and Tuke, walking and sailing in his boat. A photograph from the Birch family album is included in Lomax (p86). In 1889 he spent time abroad in France, studying at Julian's Academie in Paris. Until his death he remained one of Tuke's closest friends and an active member of the Lamorna and Newlyn communities. Tanner died on 6 April, 1916, age 58, at Bristol (GRO).


Carol Tanner is a sculptor and painter whose latest work combines the themes of dance and euphoria.


Steve completed a Fine Art Photography degree in 1988, and has worked steadily on commissions relating to books, catalogues, artistic events in the area and internationally since that time. Awards and bursaries have helped him to develop work from places in Europe, Northern Ireland, Africa, the Russias, and to show these in numerous exhibitions in the locale and abroad. In 1995 the Falmouth Art Gallery gave him a solo show, after his European tour with Kneehigh Theatre in 1994 (South West Arts Award).

He has taught at both Falmouth College of Arts and Penwith College part-time, and expanded his repertoire into film-making (Brainstorm Films) as well as free-lance photography. He was in receipt of a Millennium Festival Award for a short drama 'Field of Fish' from which his exhibition piece at Falmouth Art Gallery in 2000 was taken. For the number of years that it took to gather, collate and publish the superb volume, Cornwall & Isles of Scilly: Oil Paintings in Public Ownership, Steve Tanner was the photographer for this massive project (published 2007).


Polly Tatum is a painter living in Bodmin.

Albert Chevallier TAYLER


Born in Leytonstone, London on 5 April, 1862 (GRO), the son of a lawyer, William M Tayler and his wife Sarah,  he studied at Heatherleys, the RA schools and at the Slade where he met Thomas Cooper GOTCH, and then also at Laurens Atelier in Paris. Another close friend, made in Paris, was Norman GARSTIN.

He lived for 12 years in Newlyn, after arriving first in 1884. (The Centre for Whistler Studies, holding a biography for Tayler, incorrectly states that he spent two years only in Cornwall before settling permanently in London. In fact, he lived successively at Belle Vue House, the Malt House with the Gotches, and later at Park Terrace).

He served on the provisional committee of artists when NAG opened on 22 October 1895, but moved soon after to settle in Kensington, London. Despite non-residence in Cornwall, he continued to show and sell paintings at NAG. In 1896 he married Mrs Elizabeth Cotes, the daughter of a surgeon to the Royal Household, who had one daughter by her first marriage. Together the couple had two sons, both of whom were killed in WWI.

His sister, Mary Beatrice Churchill Tayler (1869-c1939), moved to Cornwall in 1921, and became the resident Assistant Honorary Secretary of NAG and the NSA, with her friend Miss Hall acting as Custodian. Reginald DICK had taken over as Temporary Hon Sec when Henry RHEAM had died in post, and the two women were to rescue the Gallery from the lack of administrative control and direction which occurred.  Miss Churchill Tayler remained in post until 1934, when she joined the NAG Committee, and was made an Honorary Life Member. Hence the connections between the Tayler family and Newlyn were to span a period of some 55 years.

His subjects were interiors, dinner parties and other domestic celebrations, later concentrating on religious subjects.  He died on 20 December, 1925 in London.

A full page reproduction of his painting Feeding Time (detail), in the possession of Penlee House Museum, Penzance, is reprinted in PCF (2007).

[Photo likeness in Hardie 2009 with Henry Scott TUKE.]

Norman Edward TAYLER


Born on 26 July 1843, London, the son of the artist, Frederick TAYLER RWS, Norman studied at the RA Schools and in Rome. He began exhibiting in 1863, largely with the OWS (90 works), but also at the RA and others.

He was a Newlyn resident by 1883, and shared a house with Newlyn visitor Harry TUCK, a few doors away from fellow artists John Robertson REID and his sister, Flora MacDonald REID.