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Fritz Althaus was born in Lewisham, Kent, and first learned to draw with the help of his mother who was talented amateur portrait-painter. His father, born in Germany, was a Professor of Music.  He studied under the artist Axel H Haig, an artist who boarded with his family, followed by tutelage at St Martin's School of Art, the Westminster School of Art and the Royal Institution. Until 1893 he made his home in Maida Vale, London, while also travelling in the West Country, before deciding to move to Exeter. There he could paint along the coasts as far as Cornwall, including the Channel Islands. Oxford and Cambridge.

The artist is purported to have been a prolific marine painter up to 1900 (Brook-Hart), with over 50 oils and watercolours to his name. Almost all of his 18 RA exhibits were sea pieces off the Cornish and Devon coasts, one example being Cornish Luggers running for Shelter (1888). An 1893 painting, Trading vessels at their anchorage (w/c), is representative of his style.

Flanagan (2010) has also identified Althaus as painting in that other St Ives in Huntingdonshire in the 1880s and 90s, and reprints in colour Bridge Street, St Ives, 1902 which attests to his returning there to paint along the Ouse over at least three decades.

He exhibited and sold Sunset at NAG in October 1905, and Sullen Pool (Jan 1906). His NAG sales records extend his artistic activity by at least 6 years. By 1908 he was living in Headingley, Leeds and in 1912 he and his wife, Margaret Richardson Althaus (nee Henderson) had their first child, a son.  Because of the Great War, Althaus changed his name to Frederick B KERR (c1915).  In the name of Fred KERR he was made Professor of Art at Leeds University (Mallalieu). However, this is as yet unconfirmed information of his occupation, as on his death certificate he is identified as 'a schoolmaster retired', living at Valroy (81 or 87 unclear), London Road, Camberley.

He died in 1962, in Frimley, Surrey (the Frimley and Camberley District Hospital, now the Frimley Children's Centre, Church Road, Frimley) at the advanced age of 99 years and 8 months (Bednar research, GRO death certificate on file) from a late case of pneumonia and congestive cardiac failure. The name on his death certificate is Frederick Bernard Kerr, and was attested to by his son, the informant Lt Col F J B Kerr, also of Camberley.



John Ambrose paints works which are popular in the USA as well as Britain. He frequently paints landscapes in Cornwall.



Ambrose was born in Grays, Essex, and studied at South East Essex Technical College and School of Art in Dagenham, followed by a year at the RA Schools under Peter Greenham. His wife was Moyra GILCHRIST, and the couple lived in Newlyn.

He was an artist of many talents, spanning the full range from teaching art to producing drawings, prints and paintings in oils and watercolour.

Locally he exhibited at the Orion Gallery, Penzance and then at NAG, in mixed and solo shows. He died of heart failure at Penzance Railway station as he was taking paintings to London.




Penzance Exhibitor.

Sophie Gengembre ANDERSON


Born in Paris, Anderson studied under Steuben, and then moved with her French architect father and English mother to America at the outbreak of the revolution of 1848. As a successful portrait painter herself in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, she married the English artist Walter ANDERSON, and they moved to England in 1854 (living in London, Cumbria and Surrey).

In 1871, due to her ill health, the Andersons moved to Capri, returning in 1894 to settle in Falmouth, Cornwall. From Wood Lane Cottage she continued to paint and submit paintings to London exhibitions. On her death in 1903, at the age of 79 (GRO Index), she was buried in the cemetery at Swanvale in Falmouth.

Anderson has the distinction of being the first woman painter to have her work purchased by a public institution: the Liverpool Corporation acquired her painting Elaine in 1871 (Gaze).  A world record price of over £1,000,000 for her work was achieved by No Walk Today at Sotheby's in 2008.

In October 2011 an important still-life by Anderson, 'Roses', was gifted to Falmouth Art Gallery by the Art Fund, in memory of Brian STEWART, director of the Gallery from 2000 until his untimely death in December 2010. Painted in 1894, after her move to Falmouth, this work has special significance as it is believed to have been exhibited at the original Falmouth Art Gallery in that year.



Walter Anderson was the English artist who married Sophie Gengembre ANDERSON at some point mid-19th century. Anderson was born in Peckham, London. The two painters shared the same sending in-addresses at the RA in 1867/8 and in 1870/1 when the Census also listed them as living at Bramley, Surrey. They had moved back to the UK from America in 1854, where they had both been painting successfully.  Due to Sophie's ill health they lived in Capri from c1871 to 1888 or thereabouts.

On their return they lived at Wood Lane Cottage, Falmouth, where both artists died in the same year.  Further information sought about his work.



Newlyn subject in lists - no further information found.

An image for one of Tom Anderton's Cornish paintings has been sent in by a correspondent, for which many thanks!

Recently (2015) a correspondent has commented: 'I have a painting of T Anderton which my Dad bought c1965. It shows a man ploughing, with St Michael's Mount in the distant background. It needs to be cleaned and renovated because the colours are no longer vivid and I remember it being a very lovely painting which gave my parents a great deal of pleasure.'