Alfred Joseph PAZOLT

Mr Alfred Joseph PAZOLT
exh 1901-12

Massachusetts-born (Newton nr Boston) artist, aspects of his earlier life and education as well as his later life and movements, are covered in biographical material gathered for the publication of the life and journal of his friend, John Pius Boland, an Irishman and tennis player who he first met in Germany in the early days of the modern Olympic games.

Moving with his family to St Ives, he married Theresa Freeman, niece of artists Mary Winifrede FREEMAN and Charles Napier HEMY. His address for submissions was Seaforth, St Ives.

His painting Old Studio is mentioned in the St Ives Times report of the March Show Day of 1911, indicating that he had left before that date. Wood mentions a painting The Rain Squall that Pazolt had showed at the RA from St Ives in 1901. Whybrow mentions the artist in passing related to the St Ives Arts Club (1903).  Pazolt took British nationality in 1934.


Painter of landscape, figure and marine subjects

works and access

Works include: The Rain Squall (1901); Old Studio (1911); Fair Breeze, Down Channel (1920); 'Mayflower' and 'Speedwich' returning to Plymouth (1920); The 'Mayflower' in Plymouth Harbour, America (1920) 


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St Ives Arts Club (1903)


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