A painter in oils who exhibits with Gallery Tresco, Isles of Scilly, as one of her exhibition venues. She comments, 'Since my last trip to the island, a range of blue and turquoise hues have taken over my palette, the patterns of light, seaweed and marine life in the shallow waters are a never ending source of inspiration for me.' Her work is ethereal, abstracted but also recognisable through its titles which are aptly chosen: Chorus of Light, The Grace of the Shallows, Skyward, etc.


Painter of oils on canvas

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2010: Affordable Art Fair with Gallery Tresco

Open Studios Cornwall 2017; 2022

2017: I Am Woman, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (8-21 July)

2019: Imagine Falmouth, Falmouth Art Gallery (23 Nov-18 Jan)

2020: Let the Light In, Summerhouse Gallery, Marazion (April - online)

2021: Beside the Wave, Falmouth (July)

2021: Watermarks (solo show) Artwave West, Bridport, Dorset (3-26 Nov)

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Gallery Tresco Archive (WCAA)


Exhibition Catalogue, Gallery Tresco: Affordable Art Fair 2010.