Death date after 1920s

Born in Bradford, Yorkshire, the artist may have been an American (Mallett’s Index, Whybrow) who studied art under Julius OLSSON in St Ives; St Ives Times (28 Mar 1913) says: "[AB]…who has been painting at St Ives about eighteen months after spending some years in the United States." In 1913 he exhibited An October Morn After Rain. In 1914 he exhibited and sold Old Pier St Ives at NAG.

Two views of St Ives by Beaumont were used in The Studio (1915). He returned to USA after WWI and is recorded as living at Stapleton, New York in the 1920s (J Wood).


Painter of landscapes and coastal scenes

works and access

Works include: Old Pier St Ives (c1913-15); A Summer Sea (1913); An October Morn After Rain (1913); St Ives Harbour scene (oils 1913); A Harbour Scene; The Gurnard's Head Road (1914); The Mirrors (1914); A Calm Evening, St Ives  (1914); Passing clouds(1914); A September Morning (1914); An East  Coast Town (1914)

Other titles reported in the newspapers include: A Summer Sea (RWA 1913); An October Morn After Rain; Whitby  and other sketches (Lanhams 1914); two St Ives views illustrations in The Studio (1915)



NAG (1) 1914

St Ives Show Day March 1913, March 1914

St Ives Summer Permanent exhibition 1913

Strand studio August 1913, October 1914

Lanham's Painters and Etchers Exhibition Feb - March 1914



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