Carole was born in Germany of British Army parentage, and was subsequently educated in England at Marlborough College before attending the Slade for studies in art. There she was awarded the David Murray Studentship in landscape painting, which led her to working in mid-Wales. After working for some years in graphic design in London, she took to having long working holidays in Cornwall as she was strongly drawn to the landscape and natural flora of the county. In 1983 she determined to make her permanent move to West Penwith.

Carole exhibited at the Jamieson Library, Newmill in its opening year (1986-7) with some 30 paintings, of which all were sold immediately on the first day. Having moved to her own home at Newmill, Penzance, she lived and painted from the Wesleyan Teetotal Chapel where she also held dyeing, weaving and spinning classes for pupils at her premises.

She was an active member of the NSA which she also served for some years as secretary to the Council, and member of working groups. Independent commissions included book jackets, signs and illustrative work, including the dust jacket for the 1995 history of NAG (Hardie 1995). She exhibited regularly in group shows and solo shows at NAG and other West Country venues.

She is married to the Rev John Davies, and both partners have merged their names to create the surname under which she continues to paint.


Painter, mixed media, illustration, book design

works and access

Hypatia Collection of Women's Art


Jamieson Library of Women's History, Solo 1986 (30 paintings of the Newmill Valley)

NAG 1 of 6 Solos 1987

Art Share 1988

 A Century of Art in Cornwall 1889-1989

Private Views, 1992

Belonging to Be, educational exhibition

2024: Truro School Art Collection, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro (30 Jan-18 May)


NSA 1995 list; 2009 list


Cross (2002) Catching the Wave (photo likeness, illus) pp181-3

Hardie (1995) 100 Years in Newlyn/Diary (original dust jacket designed by CP);

Patten Press (book jackets, 1980s-90s)