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Cornwall Artists' Index (CAI) is a project sponsored by linked organisations who have contributed to the West Cornwall Arts Archive. Now we have expanded this interest to the whole of Cornwall and are working together to collect and make available books, archival material, slides, auction catalogues, artists' archives, photographic collections (including scrap books) and other ephemera and documents relating to the arts and literature of Cornwall from known beginnings to the present day. Our purpose is to give you a starting platform for your own research, i.e. where to look in terms of place and time period. We cannot undertake research for you, but will be delighted to receive more information from you about your chosen subject.

Art and Artists in West CornwallTo make this collective record available to you, an editorial team is gathering, processing and disseminating research findings – together with the sources for that information.

Our starting basis was the collection of data gathered for the Dictionary and Source-book, ARTISTS IN NEWLYN AND WEST CORNWALL 1880-1940 (2009, Art Dictionaries Ltd.), available from booksellers generally, and from us if you are visiting. This book contains original source material not available elsewhere - essays, exhibition catalogues, and historical sketches based on original research.

The book also contains A-Z entries for artists who are known to have worked in Cornwall and produced artwork telling us about the experience. The CAI complements and expands that initial listing of artists, and extends it to include previously unfound artists and craftworkers to add to our survey.

In addition, a reference library of books and files, added to on a regular basis, allows us to update the on-line entries, and to undertake further research on a collaborative basis with other organisations and individuals.

The aim is to list all artists to the present-day who have worked and exhibited in the art colonies of Cornwall – wherever in the county the artists' studios have been. General bibliographical references, and hopefully, in future, illustration for the individual artists, is welcomed.

CAI is a work in progress, and you may find new information added and corrections made on a daily basis. If an entry has faults, please be tolerant and help us improve it: information is taken from published material and family information. Though we will never be complete, you may use the 'Add a new artist' form BOTH for adding a person not known to us already, with relevant information about his/her connection to Cornwall OR to provide further information about someone already listed. You may also make corrections or additions in essay form by contacting the General Editor at the e-mail address below.

Writers have not only documented the visual arts, but have also added to general fiction and the literary arts in wide-ranging ways that 'exhibit' life in Cornwall. A separate bibliography of writers about art and artists in Cornwall is in process of preparation, though some writers are included here. The artistic and cultural industries remain central to the life and economy of the area, and the study of these individuals and their talents is in strong demand. The literary arts or book arts are catered for within our project by library collections.


Please note: We do not make valuations. We are a team of historical and biographical researchers. We suggest that you consult your local Fine Art auctioneer or approach a Fine Art gallery with any questions concerning the valuation or identification of artworks.

Linkage & contact with artists

Please do not send messages to individual artists listed on this site, because we do not keep a contact directory and do not know from one day to the next where an individual can be located. Please search the internet for galleries that have handled the individual artist's work, as they may have contact details.

Cornwall Records Office, Hypatia Trust, Newlyn Art Gallery, Newlyn Archive, Penlee House Gallery & Museum, University College Falmouth, Royal Cornwall Museum and the Tate St Ives: each of these organisations has contributed to the development of the Archive to date. The Archive will link the above organisations to offer opportunities for learning by enabling public access to this material for the first time. The intention is to provide online access as well as limited physical access to the documents and records. Through the auspices of these organisations, the Archive will be used in the context of both formal education and life-long learning, and enable the local community as well as visitors to research and identify their family associations with the arts of the area.

Editorial and consultative team

The editorial team - all knowledgeable volunteers - is made up of Helen Hoyle (General Editor), David Philp (Data processing), Melissa Hardie (19th century), Malcolm W Dyer (Old English watercolours and drawings), Pamela Lomax (Newlyn archives). Honorary consultants: Thanks are offered, for much additional advice and consultation, to Katie Herbert (Penlee House) and David Tovey (Art historian).


Thanks for their support and interest are offered to George Bednar, the Hypatia Trust (support organisation), and the Tanner Trust for initial development funding, and to website developer, Nick Harpley. Our work is free of charge to end-users, though all donations are both appreciated and needed for sustaining an operating team and the webspace necessary for its function. The Hypatia Trust is a registered charity (England & Wales, 1060663) whose work can be viewed at .