Francesca AUSENDA

Francesca AUSENDA

Francesca Ausenda and her sister Alessandra AUSENDA are both successful designers.

In the 1990s they invented and manufactured one-piece hats/scarves called 'Rrappers' and opened a clothing and surfwear shop in Penzance called Groovy Poodle.

Creatively they work with schools and the educational projects promoted through NAG, and also contribute extensively to the feasts and festivals that are part of the cultural life of the area.  Their parade floats and animated characters from Cornish legend are unforgettable and constant reminders of the energy of the arts community locally.

Francesca is a photographer, and in 1992, she and Steve TANNER exhibited their work together in Fish Seekers, Newlyn '91 at the Newlyn Art Gallery.



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1992, Fish Seekers: Newlyn '91 NAG

1998, 12 December - 1999, 2 January; 'Off the Wall' NAG



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