Frederick HALL

Frederick HALL

Born in Stillington, nr York on 6 February, 1860 (GRO), the son of a physician, he followed Frank BRAMLEY to the Lincoln School of Art (1879-81) and then to Verlat’s Academy in Antwerp (1882). His first exhibit at the RA was the following year.

Fred visited Newlyn first in 1884, settling there soon after and giving a Newlyn address in 1885. In the 1891 Census he was living at Tol-peden in Newlyn and describing himself as an artist-sculptor. At that stage he was painting in the style of  La Thangue, Clausen, and the Newlyn painters. He finally departed Newlyn in 1897, where he had last been lodging at Belle Vue.

Hall married Agnes in 1898, a young woman of 24 who had been born in Burma. After a year in Liverpool, they moved to Dorking and then London, before settling in Berkshire in 1911. He lived at Speen, near Newbury (GRO) until his death at 88 years of age. [Photo likeness in Hardie 2009, p27]


Painter of landscapes, genre and figurative subjects; caricaturist and sculptor


works and access

Works include: An Orchard near Newlyn, Cornwall (1884); Home From the Fields (1886); In the Kitchen Garden (1887); The End of the Day (1891); The Drinking Pool (1898); The Green Door; Hoeing 'Neeps'; The Willowy Stream; Cooling Streams; The Edge of the Park (latter 5 c1926); Portrait of Josiah Wright (c1890) at RCM, Truro

Access to works: Penlee House, Penzance; RCM, Truro; Blackburn; Blackpool; Bradford; Bury; Leeds; Northampton; Warrington; //Geelong, Australia; Wellington, New Zealand

Fred Hall Scrapbooks are in the WCAA, complete with his caricatures of the Newlyn artists



Notts Castle (12)

Whitechapel (2)

RA 1887-1895

Dunthorne's Gallery, London 1890

NAG November 1896, July 1926, December 1926, Summer 1929

NAG Loan (1958)


NEAC 1888


STISA 1936-48



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