Frederick MASSEY

Frederick MASSEY
fl 1893

Massey sent-in a watercolour, The Missing Boats, from Penryn to RI (1893), which suggests a local connection.

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Frederick Massey worked for Harrisons the well-known photographers in
Falmouth. He painted several watercolours of the Cutty Sark at anchor in
Falmouth harbour around 1920. I own two such paintings. He also painted in
oils 'Mackerel Fishing off Falmouth' being one. I own another, which is
unsigned, of two men in a rowing boat off The Manacles.



works and access

Works include: The Missing Boats (1893)


RI (1) 1893


Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall (p336)

Wood (1995) Victorian Painters

The Year's Art 1894