George & Horatio DUNN

George & Horatio DUNN

George Dunn and his son Horatio were local people who both in turn became general labourers at the Leach Pottery. George, an ex-miner and fisherman, offered his services to Bernard LEACH and Shoji HAMADA as a general helper when they were building the interior of the Pottery. Whybrow comments that he soon found himself sawing 200 tons of wood bought from the Great Western Railway for the kiln.  For twenty-eight years he remained at the Pottery, working as needed on shelving, pottery benches and anything else required.

In 1937 for almost another twenty years, Horatio Dunn took over and became the essential assistant.  Valerie BOND, is quoted: 'If it had not been for their hard work with the clay, there would have been no pots. Horatio's sense of humour kept us all going on difficult days, and we all owed a great deal to him. He also packed the pots for sending away - a very responsible job.'

Whilst neither of these men were potters themselves, they are included here as part of the teams which created the great tradition of pottery making in West Cornwall.


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