Graham was born in Kent and studied sculpture at Maidstone College of Art.  Moving to Cornwall in 1985, he has designed and produced a remarkable range of metalwork and wooden sculptures both for exhibition and for sale in galleries.  He employs scrap metal and junk items primarily to construct figurative work - with a preference for dogs and insects.

Pete Townsend of The Who purchased his largest piece, a three metre high 'Iron Man'.  He acknowledges the influence of science fiction, Jacob Epstein the sculptor, and perhaps even his dog, who he enjoys walking! He has often worked with the sculptor David KEMP, and regularly produces large-scale constructions for theatrical and festival events. (2001 - Brittain & Cook).

His unusual items such as candelabra built of old iron and nuts and bolts, and his charming wooden figurative stands depicting butlers and maids, give great pleasure and delight in homes of his private collectors. 



works and access

Works incl: Running Dog (1999) illus in Brittain & Cook

Truro's City of Lights

Kneehigh Theatre sets


Brittain, Sarah and Cook, Simon (2001) Behind the Canvas, 40 Artists working in West Cornwall;