Greta grew up in Cornwall, the  daughter of a woodcarver, R G PERRY and his wife Biddy, a painter. Her stepfather, Bill PICARD, taught pottery in the Penzance School of Art where she subsequently studied.  Being surrounded by pots and potters from an early age, it was not until she had travelled widely and settled back in Cornwall that she took up ceramics herself, and began to learn the realities of running a workshop amongst the several local potteries. 

She re-opened the Mousehole Pottery, first established by her parents in 1955, in 1977, and felt strongly that her work should give much pleasure as well as being useful. She believed that there is a direct flow from the earth to the spirit in the making of pots, and that for her the rhythm of working on the wheel is a part of this process of creation. She worked solely in stoneware. Her pottery was in operation until 1989. Greta now lives in Oregon, USA.




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Digital Museum of Cornish Ceramics

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