Harriet Mary FORD

Harriet Mary FORD

The Canadian-born (Brockville, Ontario1859) painter studied at St John's Wood School, the RA School, Paris and Italy.

She is known to have worked from both St Ives (1890) and Newlyn (1897), and in between from Tuscany (1892). She attended the initial meeting to establish the St Ives Arts Club.  Her titles include Piping, exhibited at Dowdeswells in 1890. By 1902 she lived at Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, where she died age 79 on 31 October, 1938 (GRO).


Painter in oils and watercolours of portraits and figures; decorative pieces

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Works include: Piping (1890)


Dowdeswells 1890 (then from St Ives)

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