Jacqueline PRITCHARD

Jacqueline PRITCHARD

Jacqui Pritchard has lived, taught and painted all over the world, in partnership with her husband's work for the British Council. Her prodigious talents for creative craft and art display in addition to her personal abilities to teach and bring together native groups, mainly of women and children, in such differing cultures as Ethiopia, Afghanistan, China and not least at home in 'Blighty' bring an international flavour to her own art which is arresting and attractive. Her international support work for educational charities and organisations abroad has mainly focussed on women and their need for opportunities to learn and work. For this purpose, art and craft and exhibition work has been a main tool.

For several years until she moved to France in 2005, Jacquie acted as International Coordinator for the Hypatia Trust, and organised exhibitions in Penzance for the Trust, as underwritten by the Millennium Funds. Prior to her departure, she held a solo exhibition of her watercolours at the Lamorna Cove Hotel.



Painter, mixed media, poet, arts organiser

works and access

Hypatia Collection of Women's Art


WCAA Founding Art Auction (2004), Queen's Hotel (Donor)


Hypatia Trust


W H Lane Sales Catalogue 23 Apr 2004 WCAA