Jane trained originally as a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital, London, while also studying art and theatre set design at Morley College in Lambeth (near the Hospital).  Her interests were always creative and artistic, and though she did not ever earn a living from her painting, after her retirement from West Cornwall Hospital, Penzance, she spent all of her time in the studio, working with both oils and acrylics, and various forms of mixed media, including collage and tiling. 

Especially successful at creating stylish mosaic tiled table tops, her work was often seen in mixed shows and small galleries and sales of work.  An admitted amateur, Jane was an outgoing and enthusiastic spinster lady who made friends easily and treated them to great hospitality. An excellent cook, her parties were always peopled with hungry artists and others who were engaged in some form of creative cultural life. A committed Christian, she attended services regularly at Zennor Parish Church and is buried in Zennor Church Yard, beside the grave of the famed artist, Patrick HERON.  Special friends of Jane's in life were Rose HILTON, Alix KALMA, and Lamorna KERR amongst many others.


Painting, woodcuts, lino-cuts, ceramic tile design,

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Works occasionally seen in salerooms around Penzance

Studio remains, WCAA Archive


WCAA Founding Art Auction (Donor) Queens Hotel, Penzance, April 2004


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