about 1930

Joan Pilbeam claims an eclectic background in art studies, mentioning Manchester, Khartoum, Hereford and Keele University.  She married first in 1950 and spent eight exciting years in Africa including long treks in the Sudanese desert.

In 1975 she was enged in the antiques business in the UK and though exchanging that for the 'simple life' in Herefordshire, she was able to exhibit regularly, alongside bringing up three daughters.  After her first husband's death there was a fallow period, and then remarriage in 1985 which brought about a rebirth of her painting.  During that period she exhibited at Keele, Stafford, Stoke, Royal Birmingham Society of Artist, which brought her to Newlyn in 1996.  She exhibited work at the Salthouse Gallery, Penwith Society of Artists (of which she was an Associate) in St Ives (1998).

The information above was taken from an exhibition poster issued by the Mariners Gallery, 25 May-6 June (no year listed). The companion exhibitors were Margaret CHINN, Marguerite JENKINS, Jo CROMBIE, Judith INMAN and Meg JENKINS.




Mariners Gallery, St Ives (nd)

Salthouse Gallery (1998)


Associate, Penwith Society of Artists


Exhibition poster: Mariners Gallery, St Ives (nd) but after 1998, with five other artists.