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John Davie moved to Cornwall in 1986 with his partner, Jill Neville, and together the couple set up Gwynhelek Productions, an independent film and television company. They produced documentary and short drama works for UK television networks and other major international channels.  John worked as producer, writer and director until returning to full-time painting in 2008. Awards have followed from Cornwall Film, UK Film council, and the Arts Council of Great Britain. This year (2012) John has put on-line the collection of images on which he has been working, entitled the Darent Suite in which he engages with the work of artist Samuel Palmer and the interface of thought and meaning in art. [See ]

His studies in art commenced at the Wimbledon College of Art and continued at the Royal College of Art and the University of York. Research and lecturing followed both at York University and St Mary's, Cheltenham, where he also took up the Headship of the Creative Arts College of St Paul & St Mary (now University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham). In Cornwall he has been a Visiting Lecturer at Cornwall College while maintaining advisory and examining roles in Bournemouth and Leeds Metropolitan.  He has also served as a Council Member of NAG and a Trustee of the Gallery.


Painter, teacher, writer, filmmaker


Solo Exhibitions include:
Vaughn College, University of Leicester
Monkton Combe School Bath
The Park Gallery University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Mixed Exhibitions include:
Galleries at Reading, Sonning, RWA Bristol; Young
Contemporaries London.



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