fl 1904

In a letter from Stanhope FORBES to his mother (dated 7 July 1904), he refers to Mrs Handyside as a charming elderly lady from New Zealand, though originally from Ireland, a fine handsome woman and as active as any of the young ones. She was also, after some years, to be a pupil of Frank Proschwitzry FREYBURG in St Ives (c1910).

In the 1937 Exhibition at NAG Forbes exhibited a Portrait of Mrs Handyside, but it was not for sale. Tovey displays a small colour plate of Mrs Handyside's accomplished work Girl with Sticks (courtesy of W H Lane Fine Art) on p116 of St Ives: A Social History. However, a photo purporting to be Mrs Handyside, appearing on page 157 of the same volume, appears certainly a fine handsome woman, though not one who could be described as 'elderly'. This is dated c1910 or six years later.


Painter in oils

works and access

Likeness of the Artist: Portrait of Mrs Handyside (Stanhope Forbes, 1937); Photo likeness? Tovey (p157)

Works include: The Daisy Chain; Corn Stooks (1911); Young Girl carrying a bundle of sticks


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