Ken is a former Naval Officer and now a well known author and artist living at St Breward, Bodmin, Cornwall with his wife Brenda. His career began in the Royal Navy as an Ordinary Seaman early in World War II and he gained a commission in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve shortly after. 

Following the war, he spent 5 years demolishing wrecks around the coast of the British Isles before being transferred to the Royal Navy and holding his own command. On retiring from the Navy in 1954 he embarked on a four year cruise in his 14 ton yacht "Thyra"

In 1958 he took up journalism, becoming known for his informative 'Boat Test Reports' in the national newspapers and yachting magazines. A sailor of quite unusual experience, one of his varied exploits was to sail with his wife (1971-2) a 18ft 6in open boat, a Drascombe Lugger named Lugworm from Greece to Cornwall. 

His book titles are numerous and illustrated with his own art work. Yet another creative experience occurred In 1978 when he spent 6 months cycling along the length and breadth of Morocco, crossing the Lesser and High Atlas Mountains in midwinter, ending up for two months dug into a sand dune on a lonely part of the African coast, before cycling back to Cornwall via Portugal.

Taking kindly to solitude, Ken and Brenda live in Cornwall high on Bodmin Moor where, to use his own words"... one retains that sense of being at sea even while on land, for here too one lives with the wind and the sky!"  he is still remarkably active and productive, almost all of his time spent creating art work for which he holds regular exhibitions.

The friend who alerted the CAI to Ken's artistic endeavors comments: 'The seascapes and skies he creates are a remarkable testament to his intimate understanding of the forces of nature and how nature interacts with the land, sea and sky, in particular to man's presence in nature's realm. He is a truly inspirational artist with a gift to be able to capture the stunning beauty and wildness all nature in all her guises. I have a work specially commissioned for me by my family. It's one of my favourite art works and I look at it every day.  It never ceases to amaze me how well the subject matter has been captured as a moment in time that appears timeless.' That is indeed a fine testament to an artist.

We are sad to announce the death of Ken Duxbury, who passed away on 11 August 2016.


 Primarily watercolours, pen and ink and pencil, scenes of the Cornish Coast a major feature of his work.

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Information, thanks to Douglas Elliott (2011). 

Notification of death: 12 August 2016.


All of the following by the artist:

Lugworm Island Hopping first published by Pelham Books, then The Cornish Library

Lugworm on the Loose  Lugworm Homeward Bound  Sea Stories of Cornwall Dart, the Magic River  Coastline of Cornwall Sea Stares and Tides Coastal Navigation for Yachtsmen