aka Lewis

Sometimes referred to as Louis Mortimer (which his grandson writes is definitely wrong), the artist worked along the coasts of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in the main. He was one of three early 20th century artists, the others being George NICHOLLS and H J Sylvester STANNARD, whose watercolour views were used in the publication Picturesque Cornwall by Reginald Hammond (Salmon 2000).

His full name was, in fact, Lewis Mortimer Watts, and he is known to have painted under the name of Lewis Watts as well as most frequently Lewis Mortimer or L Mortimer. His family retain a number of his paintings.

He is known to have spent some time in the village of Polperro in 1923, and it has been suggested that he maintained a studio there for a period during the 1920s.


Painter of landscapes and coastal scenes in watercolour, illustrator

works and access

Works include: Figures in a Newlyn Street; Penzance looking from Newlyn, Cornwall; Westcountry HarbourCliff walk Polperro -boats and cottages; View from The Old Watch House, Polperro; Polperro - The Slipway;

Access to Work: Picturesque Cornwall (Reginald Hammond, Salmon 2000), which includes twenty-eight reproductions of watercolour views illustrate this short book about Cornwall, by early twentieth century artists Lewis Mortimer, George Nicholls and H.J. Sylvester Stannard.


Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn & West Cornwall

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