Born in Crowlas, near Penzance, to the Warmington family, she married Walter Pearce in 1928. Her first child, Bryan PEARCE, became the celebrated naive painter. She began to paint in the early 1950s and exhibited in mixed shows at the Penwith Gallery, as an associate of the Penwith Society of Arts from 1956-63. She also attended the St Ives School of Painting, as did her son. They exhibited together at Penwith and Newlyn Galleries, and later in their attic studios at home. She stopped painting herself to manage her son's artistic career, which she did with flair and enthusiasm and great loving care until her death in St Ives.

Her friends among women in St Ives were artists Marjorie MOSTYN, Isobel HEATH, Shearer ARMSTRONG and Misomé PEILE, as mentioned by Janet AXTEN in her delightful book, Bryan Pearce and his Artist Friends (2004). One of her portraits, Greta, Daughter of Sven BERLIN, 1958, is included as a colour plate in that book (p42).

works and access

Works include: Greta, Daughter of Sven Berlin, 1958; Mike Peters (lifeboatman), 1959


NAG; Penwith Gallery; RWS Gallery, London (1962)


J Axten (2004) Bryan Pearce & his artist friends