Maude C Stanhope FORBES

Mrs Maude C Stanhope FORBES
nee PALMER, aka Maudie

Maude Claydon Palmer was born in Canada and torn between a career in art or music. While staying in Jersey she decided to study art, and initially went to London. An uncle then sent her to study at the FORBES SCHOOL in 1901, and there she was to become an assistant, helper and friend to the whole Forbes family. She was also a talented musician, and took part in the many musical parties of the art colony. In in the 1909 Spring Exhibition at NAG she was reviewed as exhibiting miniatures on ivory.

In 1912 she sold three (untitled) pictures at NAG in the 45th Exhibition, and in 1913 a painting, Blackberrying.  She became the second wife of Stanhope Forbes following the death of Elizabeth Armstrong FORBES in 1912, and assisted him in the running of the Forbes School as Secretary from 1915. She continued to display her own paintings over the years, primarily at the Newlyn Art Gallery. In 1933 she was elected an honorary member of STISA.  In 1937 the painting exhibited by Maude Stanhope Forbes was An Old Venetian Gateway at NAG, and in 1938 she sent the painting, Statuette, to the RA.

Exhibiting with STISA at Swindon in 1949, she showed a portrait of Stanhope, who had died in 1947.


Still life, landscape and figure painter; administrator

works and access

Works include: Blackberrying (1913); The Spinet (1920); Cretonne (1921); Street in Cahors (1926); An Old Venetian Gateway (1937); Statuette; Portrait of Stanhope 1948


RA(24) 1903, 1911 to 1916 (9), 1930, 1938, 1948

NAG March 1909, September 1920, Summer 1921, Summer 1924, December 1925, Spring and December 1926, July 1932

Plymouth Art Gallery November 1917

STISA 1936, Winter 1937, Winter 1947, 1949 and 51 Festival of Britain Touring Shows


NAG 1921-36 (Artist subscriber)

NSA 1921-36 (Artist subscriber 1937)

STISA 1933-52

St Ives Art School 1933-c1949;  

Newlyn Society of Artists 1937-




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