nee Scott

Artist potter with Leach 1936-37, May Scott was born in 1914 and worked at the Leach pottery from 1936-37.

In 1937 she and her husband Harry DAVIS went to teach at Achimoto College in Ghana, with Harry as Head of the Art School. After the war and back in West Cornwall, they set up the Crowan Pottery in an old watermill they converted to generate the electricity to run the pottery.

In 1962 they moved to New Zealand and established the Crewenna Pottery in Nelson. In 1972 they went to Izcuchaca in Peru, returning to Nelson in 1979. Harry died in 1986 and May in 1995.

Harry and May Davis produced aesthetically pleasing pots, using a variety of decorative techniques including wax resist, and favoured mainly Celadon and Tenmoku glazes. May wrote the story of their work and family life together, and published this from the Crewenna Pottery, calling it May Davis Her Story.


Artist potter


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