Misome PEILE

Misomé PEILE

Peile was born in Southsea, Hampshire, and in 1930 she moved to St Ives,studying at the St Ives School of Painting under Leonard John FULLER with additional instruction from Enraght MOONY.  She had also studied art in Rome.

 From 1944 to 1949 she was a member of STISA, when with other artist friends she became a founder member of the Penwith Society of Arts. Though she had been one of those in St Ives without a studio (1947) she later moved into the Piazza Studios where she worked next door to Hilda JILLARD.  Another good friend was Wilhelmina BARNS-GRAHAM. Together the three of these held a grand 'Extra Show Day' in 1953.

For some years in the 1970s she lived and worked in Malta, while keeping in close touch with her Cornish colleagues. In 1973 she shared an exhibition with sculptor Denis MITCHELL In Valletta. Ill health and advancing age caused her finally to leave Malta and return to Cornwall where she died in the early summer of 1983.

Her support of St Ives and its artist community was long-lasting and special friends were Shearer ARMSTRONG, Mary PEARCE; in 1975 Bryan PEARCE painted a portrait of her, and in the late 1980s the Newlyn Art Gallery held a studio sale of her remaining work. A purchase from that sale, of a beautifully crafted mixed media collage, The Madonna of Rio, inspired the beginning of the collection which has grown to become the Hypatia (Cornish) Collection of Women's Art.


Painter, collagist, her first love being landscapes

works and access

Works include: SS 'Paraguay Star' leaving on the evening tide (1968); Taomina Sicily - Church (c1938); Madonna of Rio (mixed media and collage) Hypatia Collection of Women's Art; Orange Rain (1959) oil on board [See Axten]; Build-up (1959) in NAG Col; Chinese Girl (pastel portrait) in Hypatia Collection



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NSA (one of longest serving members)


 Foundation Committee: Penwith Society of Arts in Cornwall 1949-


Taurus Artists Group, London (founding member)


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