The Misses MAYNARD

The Misses MAYNARD

In 1902, a Miss Maynard sold 'Sea Lavender' at NAG.

Harriet Maynard is listed as a 30-year old 'art student' on the 1881 Census form when living at her family home in London. Following an attribution to her of a landscape at an auction in the USA, four similar landscapes bearing the same signature have been offered at two other auctions in the UK.

She was born in Surinam, South America, and died aged 56 near Launceston, Cornwall, in 1906. She was 51 at the time of the 1901 Census, when she was a 'visitor' at 40 Lillieshall Road, Clapham, London (see Harriett M Maynard, below). She had left a Will, and her estate was listed in the local newspaper.

In 1883, Harriett Maynard exhibited 'The Seagull's Home' (SWA) from 156 Portsdown Road, Maida Vale, London. That same year, but from 158 Portsdown Road, Annie Hodge Thomas (q.v.) exhibited 'The Pier at Newlyn' (RBA).

In 1885, Harriette Maynard illustrated two lines from Keats (RBA), from a boarding-house in London. Born in London, the 29-year old is listed as an 'artist' on the 1891 Census form, when staying as a boarder in Plymouth. In 1904, she exhibited two titles in Falmouth (RCPS): 'Motherhood' and 'The Old Mill'. In 1982, Sothebys Billingshurst attributed 'The Fisherman's Wife' to this artist.

In 1895, Harriett M Maynard exhibited 'A Cornish Fishing Village' (SWA), giving her address as 40 Lillieshall Road (see Harriet Maynard, above). Listed in the Falmouth (RCPS) catalogues under H M Maynard, she exhibited three titles in 1897: 'The Watched Pot Never Boils', 'Ready for Church' and 'On the Edge of the Heath', and one in 1898, 'Porthmeor Beach, St Ives'. In 1902 she is listed under H Maynard, when she entered just one title, her 1897 picture 'The Watched Pot Never Boils' at a reduced asking price! In November 1898, she supported the Committee of the St Ives Arts Club by signing a letter about the artists' concerns around proposed building development in St Ives [ {sic}].


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