Mrs Olive DEXTER
nee Richmond

The daughter of Leonard RICHMOND, her work is first mentioned in 1944.  She may have come to St Ives to study under Leonard John FULLER at the St Ives School of Painting - her father not having settled in the town until 1946 - and she worked from No. 4 Porthmeor Studios, specialising in still-life in oils. She and her father appear to have left St Ives in 1949.


Painter of still-life in oils

works and access

Works include: The Studio Window, St Ives (1949)

As well as painting, she produced two articles on 'Still Life Painting' written for The Artist in the early 1950s


Lanham's Winter 1944

RA (1) 1949

STISA 1949 Touring Show


STISA 1946-49

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