Patrick HAYMAN

Patrick HAYMAN

Hayman was born in London, and schooled at Malvern, before going to New Zealand for a decade where he began to paint at Dunedin. In 1947 he came back to England, finding a home in West Cornwall (1950) and moving around from Mevagissey to Carbis Bay ('Dunvegan') and St Ives before returning to London in 1953.  In 1964-65 he spent a further year in St Ives, joining the Penwith Society. 

His work was visibly influenced by that of Alfred WALLIS, and he participated actively in group and solo shows. Though he finally returned to London, Cornwall was always evident in his work and subject matter, and he continued to visit with regularity. His wife was Barbara, and good friends were many, including George Norman GARSTIN.

For five years (1958-63) he edited The Painter and Sculptor, a magazine he established, and in 1988 his Painted Poems were published by the Louise Hallett Gallery. In 1987 his painting Events by the Sea (1970) was selected for the Looking West Exhibition organised by NAG with the Royal College of Art, in collaboration with the National Trust.


Painter, often on driftwood; poet, publisher

works and access

Works include: Tristan and Isolde in Cornwall (1965); Events by the Sea (1970, selected for the Looking West Exhibition 1987); The Last Days of Byzantium (CC)

Access to work: Tate Gallery; Arts Council; Cornwall Council


Robin Nance, The Wharf, St Ives 1951

Sail Loft Gallery, St Ives 1962

Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives 1972

Salt House Gallery, St Ives 1982

Penwith Society

NAG (mixed)

RCA (organised by NAG in collaboration with the National Trust) (1) Looking West Exhibition 1987

2017: Two Poetic Painters (Tom Early & Patrick Hayman), Belgrave St Ives (13 Nov-2 Dec)


Penwith Society 1964-65

misc further info

WCAA file contains CV to 1996, Letter 1997


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