Peter Potworowski was born in Poland. He was an abstract and figurative painter who had lived and exhibited not only in Poland, but also Sweden, France and England. During the 1920s he spent seven transformative years keeping company with the avant-garde of Paris, attending for a time the studio of Fernand Leger. Bonnard had the most influence on his work.

He taught at Corsham Court, part of the Bath Academy, from 1949 to 1958, when he returned to Poland as professor of painting at Poznan University. In recent years, Chippenham Museum has expanded its collection of paintings by those associated with Corsham from the 1940s to the 1960s, and one of the most important of these was Potworowski. He was directly engaged by Clifford Ellis, the head of the school, to bring a much-needed cosmopolitan touch to the teaching of art in the post-war years.

The laate sculptor Kenneth Armitage CBE said of Potworowski: 'I loved his work and could never understand why he was not burdened with success in England. He was certainly one of the most rare and special people I have ever met. He came from an outside world, from a longer time-life span; he brought a foreign flavour, and his values and approach were different.'




2023: Chippenham Museum (8 Sept-11 Oct)


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