Richard Dalkins' first oil paintings, done while a teenager on the Isles of Scilly, were included in an art exhibition at his home town of Preston. This early promise prompted him to enrol at Preston's Harris School of Art, where he studied graphic design from 1961-1965. Subsequently he undertook a postgraduate course at St Martins' School of Art in printmaking and painting. A year's teaching was followed by a career as an illustrator in London, where he created book and album covers. His work has involved him in programmes commissioned by BBC TV.

Since 2006 Richard and his wife Vivienne have lived in St Ives, where his studio is open by appointment. His figurative paintings employ a permanent red earth iron oxide watercolour.

He is a regular exhibitor at STISA open exhibitions.


Painting in watercolour


2016: STISA Christmas Open Exhibition (26 Nov-3 Jan)

2017: STISA Christmas Open Exhibition (25 Nov-2 Jan)

2018: STISA Christmas Open Exhibition (24 Nov-2 Jan)


2010: The 60s Illustrators Fiell Publishing Ltd