Miss Emily Ruth HOLMES
fl 1895-1899

At the Opening Exhibition of NAG in 1895, the artist exhibited and sold an oil, Outward Bound, one of the three women artists to make an immediate sale (the others being Elizabeth FORBES  who sold three, and Caroline GOTCH who sold one).

At the December Sketch Show in the same year, she sold Study of Cats, Schooner and Gypsy Sam. Her next sale at Newlyn was not until January 1899, when her A Study was purchased by J B Cornish of Penzance eminence.



works and access

Works include: Outward Bound (1895); Juno's Herd Boy (RA, 1898); Study of Cats; Schooner; Gypsy Sam; A Sketch (1899)


NAG (1) Opening 1895, (3) December-January 1896 (Sketch exhibition), (1) 1899

RA 1898


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