fl 1813-1831

The Dover Museum website ( records Thomas Hastings as a well-regarded amateur etcher who was published, though little is known of him. They hold a pencil sketch of the Pharos (Roman lighthouse) by him from 17 July 1824.

When the Cornwall Polytechnic Society of Falmouth first opened its range of activities in 1833, the purposes outlined were for the encouragement of Arts and Industry. An Annual Exhibition, when prizes would be awarded, was set up for the display of scientific inventions, marine innovations and technical drawing, and for fine arts and handicraft. Submissions were invited from all over Cornwall.  The first prize for an oil painting was won by T Hastings, Esq with his title Falcon: a painting of Lord Yarborough's yacht. In the second Annual Exhibition, T Hastings was again the First Prize (Silver medal) winner with his painting Dutch Port. It is clear, in the second show, that Hastings was classified as an amateur painter, because for the first time a separate class of Professional Artists was set up to receive awards. These references may, of course, be related to two separate artists by the name of T Hastings.


Painter in oils

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Works include:  Pharos (Roman lighthouse) (pencil sketch, 1824); Falcon (1833); Dutch Port (1834)


RCPS (1) 1833 (First prize for an oil painting), (1) 1834 (Silver medal winner)




Dover Museum website (

RCPS Proceedings 1833, 1834