Vicki Aimers was born in Essex and moved to Cornwall in the early 2000s to study at Cornwall College. In 2019 she obtained an MA in Authorial Illustration from Falmouth University.

She says: 'I am always inspired by my immediate surroundings. Domesticity is a constant element in my work. The theme of ‘home’ reoccurs in my pieces; as I question what it means to me and past generations. I enjoy combining a number of techniques such as printmaking with painting or stitch with drawing. Working with layers gives a sense of history to each piece. Often I photocopy my images, cut them up and re-collage them in various ways to make new pieces. By doing so, each image has some relation to the last; yet still moves forward.'

As artist-in-residence at Kresen Kurnow, Cornwall's new archive centre in Redruth, in 2022, Vicky embarked on an exploration of Catherine Payton Phillips, a Quaker minister and resident of Redruth (1727-1794). Kresen Kernow retain the original copy of Phillips' memoirs. As part of her MA studies, she has also undertaken research on female astronomers such as Caroline Herschel and Maria Mitchell.

Aimers' work as a book artist and workshop provider focuses on creative storytelling, intertwined with elements of social history. She collaborates with institutions and museums to bring items in their collections to life in creative ways, by taking part in public events, organising workshops and developing online activities on a variety of art and storytelling techniques. She also arranges workshops at Krowji and across the south west, enabling others to explore their stories and memories. She offers creative mentoring, experimenting with different art techniques focussing on individual narratives. The Palimpsest Project, which she founded, is an initiative, influenced by her study of the history of piecework, which helps record fragmented memories and stories of families through projects and kits.


Mixed media, textiles, book art


Open Studios Cornwall 2017; 2018; 2019; 2020 (postponed); 2022