William Joseph WARREN

William Joseph WARREN
W J Warren

The artist was born in Falmouth, Cornwall, and there is record of his marriage to Mary Grant of Stoke Newington in 1876. He became a pupil of Thomas HART.

A long entry in the Collectanea reveals that he began sketching at an early age and was educated at the British School under Mr Robert Coome. His work was noticed by Dr Daniel Hack Tuke, Miss Caroline Fox and Mrs Genn in Cornwall and he became a pupil at the Falmouth School of Art. He began work in watercolours after seeing drawings of John MOGFORD RI who stayed in his home on first visiting Cornwall on a sketching tour.  He also became a pupil of W BOASE SMITH of Falmouth. From there he went to London and studied at the South Kensington Museum, returning to Cornwall to work with Hart as mentioned above.

After his marriage he established his home and studio at Bournemouth, where he and his wife Mary had three sons and one daughter.  His chief media was in watercolour. His death was registered at Epsom, Surrey, at the age of 76.

His great-grand daughter has been in touch (2015) and comments that he was commissioned to paint a number of important personages and nobility of the day, including her other great-grand father, Acton Phillips who was Mayor of Hammersmith in 1902/3.  His portraiture as listed in the Collectanea includes people of Cornwall, Ireland, Bournemouth; views of Tintagel, St Michael's Mount, Scotland, York and Lancashire.

Due to the correspondence above from Warren's g-grand-daughter, another close relation has been in touch to say that he has family photos, a signed painting, and several unsigned works by the artist.  If the above lady would contact CAI again, his contact details can be passed on, if interested.  Please write to hello@hypatia-trust.org.uk.




Watercolour; oil paintings; floral panels


Boase (1890) Collectanea Cornubiensia, p 1202 (long entry of paintings and their owners)