aka William MATTISON

Born in Birmingham on 27 September 1854 (GRO), Bednar has noted a Newlyn title by this artist in 1899, though it is unlikely that he did more than visit West Cornwall as his address from the early 1890s remained the same until 1911 (The Studio, Dashwood Terrace, Banbury, Oxfordshire), when it became The Studio, 9 Park Terrace, Oxford.  By 1917 he was living at Old Headingford, Oxford.

At the RBSA Autumn exhibition of 1900 he exhibited Evening: St Ives Harbour, Cornwall, which was priced at 8 guineas.

His titles included An Angler's Haunt, An East Coast Fishing Town and Sunset at the Pier Steps, Whitby. His death was registered as 25 January 1926 at Headington, Oxford, age 71.


Painter in watercolours and oils of rustic and coastal subjects

works and access

Works include: Harbour with boats and fisherman before the QuayAn Angler's Haunt; An East Coast Fishing Town; Sunset at the Pier Steps, Whitby


SS (17); B (37); D (5); FIN (21); GI (2); L (9); L (53); M (4); RA (2); RBA (25); RI (8)



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