William Russell WHITMORE

William Russell WHITMORE

Born on 27 April 1861, Farmington, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA. First he studied in France and then arrived in Newlyn in the early 1890s, the 1891 Census indicating that he was resident at Orchard Cottage, Belle Vue.

He married Mabel Turner, remembered in her family as an amateur artist. Mabel gave birth to their son John Thoreau Whitmore in Newlyn in 1893. They remained in West Cornwall until about 1896 and were friends with the GOTCH family. The painter died on 14 September, 1917 in Woodmont, Connecticut, age 56. (USA certificates in WCAA)


Painter of landscapes and figures

works and access

Works include: A Moonlit Lane (1894); Winding the Clock (1894)


Royal Academy WW Exhibition 1894 (1); RA 1894 (1()


Bednar Every Corner was a Picture

John Benson Whitmore (grandson) family information

Census 1891

Hardie (2009) Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall p299

Johnson & Greutzner